Management of Value (MoV):

Management of Value (MoV®) is part of the Global Best Practice suite of publications, which helps organizations and individuals manage their projects, programmers and services consistently and effectively. It is important to note that MoV is as relevant for improving operational efficiency, as it is for portfolios, programmers and projects.


Program Information:

  • Duration: 2 days

  • Material: English

  • Discussion: Mixed in English and Arabic

  • Price: 8595 SR


Prerequisites for MoV exam:

You must hold a current MoV Foundation certificate to take the MoV Practitioner examination


MoV Outcomes:

  • To clarify their organization's objectives and value priorities

  • MoV® can be applied within an operational environment

  • To organize and contribute to MoV® studies

  • The tailoring and embedding of MoV® within an organization can be approached


 Benefits of MoV:

  • Support business outcomes

  • Enable business change

  • Manage risk in line with business needs

  • Optimize customer experience

  • Show value for money

  • Continually improve


  1. What are the delivery methods for MoV® accredited training courses?

Management of Value (MoV®) training is available via our Accredited Training Organizations or their approved partners in many formats, including face-to-face training in a physical or virtual classroom, or via distance learning which may be delivered via Learning Technologies or other methods. Some training solutions may be a combination of both. For more information, see the Training section of our website.

2. Which publication should I use to study for the MoV® examinations?

The MoV® courses and examinations are based on the "Management Of Value" publication.