The P3O® certification scheme has been developed to offer two levels of certification, Foundation and Practitioner. The purpose of the Practitioner certification is to confirm whether you have achieved sufficient knowledge and understanding of the P3O guidance to design, implement, manage or work within any component office of a P3O model.


Program Information:

  • Duration: 5 days

  • Material: English

  • Discussion: Mixed in English and Arabic

  • Price: 7371 SR


Prerequisites for P3O exam:

To take the P3O Practitioner examination, individuals must hold a current P3O Foundation certificate.


P3O Outcomes:

  • How portfolio, programmers and projects relate

  • Why it is important to provide appropriate support at all these levels

  • The value of a P3O to the organization

  • How to identify a 'best-in-class' P3O model

  • How to identify different models for support provision, and the factors that influence their design

  • To recognize the roles within a P3O

  • To apply the main P3O principles

  • How to identify the tools and techniques that support consistent delivery of functions and services

  • To prepare for and take the P3O Foundation examination


P3O Benefits: 

  • Informed senior management decision-making on factors including strategy, prioritization, risk management and optimization of resources in order to successfully deliver their business objectives (portfolio management)

  • Identification and realization of business outcomes and benefits via programmes

  • Successful delivery of project outputs that enable benefits within time, cost and quality restraints.

Exam Price:     

  • $295



  1. What is P3O training?

The Office of Government Commerce's (OGC) P3O gives guidance on establishing, developing and maintaining a decision-making and enabling structure or management environment for all levels and all kinds of change in an organization.

2. What is P3O certification?

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O) is the OGC's (Office of Government Commerce) guidance for establishing, developing and maintaining appropriate business support structures that will allow improved senior management decision making, better identification and realization of business outcomes and benefits.

3. What does P3O stand for?

P3O stands for Portfolio, Programme and Projects Offices. P3O is universally applicable guidance published by the Office of Government Commerce, a department in the UK Government, to help organizations build support structures that enable the successful delivery of their portfolios of change programmes and projects.

4. What is P3M methodology?

P3M Framework P3M Framework Definition and Key Objectives Project, Program, Portfolio Management (P3M) Framework – A set of policies, processes, tools, and governance models designed to support organizations in achieving strategic and tactical benefits from their investments in projects, programs, and portfolios.

5. What is P3M?

P3M stands for "programme, portfolio and project management". Product management is a closely related discipline and as most software organizations do product development I will include it in the discussion. P3M Levels: programme, project, portfolio. And product management.