Applied Communication Techniques (ACT):

This program provides knowledge of communication skills that help employees in their workplace by using techniques and tools that improve their abilities to communicate with others and make remarkable impressions.


Program Information:

  • Duration: 5 days

  • Material: English

  • Discussion: Mixed in English and Arabic

  • Price: 3250 SR


Prerequisites for ACT:



ACT Outcomes:

  • Build the charisma for participants.

  • Raise the communication skills.

  • Gain new techniques to communicate better.

  • Improve the productivity and efficiency through the communication skills.

  • Having the ability to build new relationships, rapport and improve the existing relationship.

  • Reduce the conflict and misunderstanding.


 Benefits of ACT:

  • To change behavior

  • To get action

  • To persuade and negotiate

  • To ensure understanding

  • To get and give information