WorkFORCE Assessment for Career Development 

Effective development requires a first-rate assessment to pinpoint training needs.

ETS's new WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development is an assessment and training program specially designed to help support employee and job seeker success by efficiently and accurately identifying the behaviors they most need to develop for their roles.

Identify key behavioral skills employees need to succeed

The 20–25 minute web-based assessment measures six behavioral competencies* and 13 underlying behavioral attributes known to be predictive of workplace performance.

*Caring & Compassion Competency for Healthcare Organizations to ensure these behavioral competencies fit your needs, a Caring & Compassion competency is used in lieu of Customer Service Orientation for healthcare organizations.The assessment measures and details the extent to which individuals:

  • are dedicated and will go the extra mile

  • take their job seriously

  • have a positive and enthusiastic attitude

  • are problem solvers

  • treat customers and peers with respect and consideration

  • can collaborate well with others

Used in conjunction with its companion training curriculum, WorkFORCE Program for Career Development can help you efficiently design training programs customized to the development needs of your employees and job seekers.


Develop critical skills for workplace success

WorkFORCE Program for Career Development includes a research-based dynamic training curriculum that provides instruction, practice and feedback in these six behavioral competencies through multimedia, interactive scenarios, reflection, goal-setting and real-world application. The training program provides learners with additional insight and awareness of these competencies through eight online interactive modules. Each module takes about 25–30 minutes to complete and features a wide variety of activities and videos. Our program is designed to focus on the critical interpersonal, self-management and other necessary professional skills related to workplace performance in any industry, regardless of job type or job level.

Benefits of the WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development

The WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development includes a research-based assessment that features significant advantages over other workplace assessments. Powered by the FACETS™ engine — an adaptive, cutting-edge assessment management and scoring system grounded in sophisticated, proven measurement techniques — this innovative assessment and companion curriculum tool provides a combination of features you will not find anywhere else.

  • Fast and accurate The FACETS engine adaptively selects from a pool of personality statements and uses the response to one question to tailor the next. This means that fewer questions are needed to reach a high level of precision for more efficient testing and reduced testing time.

  • Easy to understand results
    Users quickly receive reports providing clear insight on six key behavioral competencies and 13 underlying behavioral traits associated with workplace success.

  • Clear next steps
    The program delivers tailored, practical action plans and a modular training curriculum that provide critical tools to help employees and job seekers develop these key behavioral skills.


  • Easy to administer
    Delivered 100 percent online, the assessment and curriculum is compatible with most devices and disability tools.

  • Resistant to faking
    The assessment's forced-choice format — statements similar in desirability but representing different personality dimensions — is more resistant to faking than a single-statement format where the "correct" answer is easier to discern. And since the statements are selected adaptively with no "right" answers, this format reduces the need for a secure testing environment.

 The WorkFORCE Program for Career Development also includes a research-based, dynamic training program that provides instruction, practice and feedback tied to the same six behavioral competencies measured in the assessment to complement the action plan addressing specific development strengths and needs.

Make informed decisions based on reliable data

With the WorkFORCE Program for Career Development, you can be confident that the information you receive is accurate and actionable. You will be able to help support employee success by understanding and efficiently addressing key development areas.

Scores and Reports

Our developmental offer goes beyond the standard six behavioral competencies to provide additional insight on 13 underlying behavioral attributes. The easy-to-read Individual Profile contains a tailored, practical action plan for you and your employees to help understand and address key development areas.

Scores on the WorkFORCE® Assessment for Development are measured on a scale of Low, Moderate and High levels of strength. Higher scores on the competencies and attributes are associated with higher development.

The score report provides further insight with links to individualized interpretive statements for each behavioral competency and attribute. The interpretive statements offer a description of the skill, an explanation of the individual's current skill level and suggestions to further develop the skill.

Easily compare candidates with Roster Reports

The Profile Roster Report allows you, at a glance, to compare multiple candidates on the same criteria. You will find results for a selected group of test takers, including the Expected Job Fit Indicator that indicates likelihood of success in the job and the Behavioral Competencies performance scores.

Support employee success with accurate information and practical action plans

The information provided on the roster and individual score report will help you efficiently and accurately identify the behaviors your employees need most to train and develop for their role. By adding the WorkFORCE Program for Career Development to your training resources, you can design training programs better customized to support employee success.

An Assessment-based Curriculum

The WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development provides learners with additional insight and awareness of key behavioral competencies through eight interactive online modules. You can instruct your employees to take all eight modules or only the modules that apply to their individual developmental needs, and the modules can either be self-directed or instructor-led.

The eight modules are:

  • Introduction

  • Initiative & Perseverance

  • Responsibility

  • Flexibility & Resilience

  • Teamwork & Citizenship

  • Customer Service Orientation

  • Problem Solving and Ingenuity

  • Conclusion

Each module takes 25–30 minutes to complete and features relatable and relevant content delivered through multiple learning techniques such as interactive activities and videos. They also include pre- or post-work activities to encourage skill development outside of the module. The program can be accompanied by a highly informative and comprehensive instructor guide that includes options for blended learning settings, including:

  • Open-ended Scenarios

  • Role-playing

  • Discussion Questions

  • Evaluation

  • Rubrics